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Marble and granite


Marble Surface
Marble Surface



Our Background

Agartha Marble Company is a professional manufacturer and exporter in Romblon, Philippines. Our company gained its reputation in providing good quality marble products from small pieces to statues. We mine natural stones from the mountains of Romblon islands.

Our aim is to provide a full range of high-quality stone products including flooring, kitchen tops, displays, statues, tubs, sinks, and many more.

marble chees platter coasters plates
white marble vase pot

In Terms of Quality

The selection of products manufactured by Agartha Marble Company is not only of the highest quality but also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you're looking for.


By applying strict quality control procedures and combined with our talented local artisans,  we've become known for having high-quality products in the industry of marble making.

marble salt holder
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